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Can I be a data analyst without a degree

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Today industries rely on data analytics to make critical business decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Data analytics also offers an excellent career option for people who want to become data analysts, especially those who enjoy working with data and numbers and can enable their business and company to solve key challenges and business problems. 

A higher qualification degree is not always necessary to hire a data analytics professional in a good company. The demand for data analysts is constantly rising in the market. If you do not have a good degree, you need to enroll in a certification course program to shine your portfolio resume and impress your employer. 

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A comprehensive guide to becoming a data analyst without a degree

The career of a data analyst will be the right fit for you if you enjoy solving puzzles and working with data and numbers. You can find a plethora of data analytics jobs in any industry you want, even without a degree. Whether you are pivoting into a new career field or getting started in the data analytics professional world, the following steps will help you become a data analytics professional without previous experience or a higher degree.

  1. Develop a clearly defined plan

It is essential to have a proper career plan to achieve your career goals, and this will help you define every step of your career journey and assess your own strengths and weakness in order to pursue a data analyst job in the market. While developing a career plan, you need to consider your career timeline. You need to decide the amount of time and money that you need to spend on gaining data analyst skills. Having specific career goals will make it easy for you to achieve and track your progress. 

  1. Getting started with a certification course program

If you want to build the necessary job-ready data analytics skills and experience, you can consider enrolling in a data analytics professional certification course program from a well-recognized institution like 360DigiTMG. Enrolling in a course program will help you learn how to process, clean, and organize data with a variety of data analytics tools like Tableau SQL, R, etc. After completing the course program, you can apply for entry-level data analyst jobs in many companies. If you do not want to go for a formal degree program to become a data analyst, then you can expand your credentials and experience by opting for certification programs. They will help you master all the fields of data analytics. These programs also require less money and time to complete; therefore, it is an excellent option for people who want to expand their credentials without going for formal degrees and much investment. Unlike formal degree programs, they do not take many years of study, and you can become a data analyst only by spending 6 to 8 months.

  1. Acquire technical skills

Data analysts need to acquire a wide range of technical skills to perform their data analyst jobs roles effectively. Generally, data analysts must know multiple programming and coding languages to apply them directly to perform specialized functions in the company. Some of the standard coding and programming languages that data analysts must acquire are as follows.

  • SQL
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • Hadoop and R

Learning multiple coding and programming languages will help them apply their programming skill sets and abilities to create analytical data systems. Knowing similar programming and coding languages will help them work with other professionals in the field and improve their communication, collaboration, and presentation abilities. Some other technical skills that data analysts without a higher degree should acquire to get a good job are the ability to apply mathematical and statistical models, knowledge about data visualization skills and techniques required to prepare and clean data for thorough data analysis.

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  1. Practical job experience

Gaining hands on or practical work experience is essential to develop your data analyst skillsets and for building a professional network. This will be more useful for you if you are applying for a data analyst job without a formal degree. Practical work experience will help you demonstrate your skills, abilities, and knowledge to your hiring manager and expand your career opportunities. Some other options include taking up entry-level data analyst positions or relevant data analysis job positions, shadowing experienced professionals, or volunteering to work in a data analyst job position. Internship programs will also help you to earn practical work experience. 

  1. Create a strong portfolio

You need to create a solid portfolio to showcase to your hiring manager or potential client that you possess all the right skill sets and knowledge base to meet the data analyst job role expectations. You need to demonstrate your ability to collect data from different sources and your skill sets in cleaning and preparing data for thorough data analysis. You must impress your hiring manager by showcasing your analytical and data visualization skills. 

  1. Get a data analyst entry-level job.

After acquiring significant experience working with data and representing your findings, you must polish your skills and experience by applying for an entry-level data analyst position. Your hiring manager will assess your portfolio, skills, and enthusiasm for a data analyst job role. Enrolling in internship opportunities will help you gain significant experience and real-world experience in the analytic data industry. Employers will require candidates to have experience as data analysts before hiring them. If you are switching to an analytic data career from another field, you need to develop your skills and experience by working with data. You’ll find many online classes, certification courses, and degree platforms where you can learn how to deal with real datasets and hands on projects. 

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Not all hiring managers and employers look for a master’s degree or advanced degree to select candidates for the data analyst job. Candidates applying for a job position of data analyst need to process the right soft and hard skills to perform data analysis job responsibilities. An entry-level data analysis job requires a minimum eligibility criterion of a bachelor’s degree. Candidates having advanced degrees or master’s degrees can qualify for advanced data analyst job positions at a higher pay scale. Certification courses will provide you with events and opportunities to advance in your career and get better compensation. Certification course programs have become popular as the demand for essential data skills is rising. 

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