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What is the salary of TCS Big Data Analyst?

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There are many data analytics companies and recruiting firms around the world that hire big data analysts to fulfill their job roles. These organizations and companies depend on extensive data analysis to generate data from different sources, analyze and derive meaningful insights, and stay ahead of the competition. With the help of big data analysts, companies can organize data as well as identify marketing strategies, market gaps, and product development. 

Big data analyst in TCS

TCS is one of the biggest IT companies, and many freshers and graduates dream of employment in this organization. Apart from basic salary structures, big data analysts at TCS get many other perks and benefits like bonuses, an excellent working environment, regular salary hikes, etcetera. The hike in the salary of big data analysts will be based on their performance and ability. TCS was established in 1968 and is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Every year a large number of candidates apply for the post of big data analyst to get engaged with this IT company.

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TCS is a top company that provides business process services, manufacturing services, consulting-led, assurance services, and integration services for IT. There are several branches of TCS company worldwide in 42 countries. Big data analysts in TCS can get employment opportunities in various production lines of TCS like energy, banking and financial services, high tech, healthcare, life science, telecom, utilities, travel, retail, consumer products, etcetera. 

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The salary of a big data analyst working in TCS having an experience between one to nine years is around INR 6.7 lakhs per annum,. Big data analyst salary in India at TCS ranges between INR 3.5 lakh to INR 12.5 lakh per annum. This salary range is 4% higher than the average big data analyst salary in other IT services and consulting companies.

How much does a big data analyst earn at Tata consultancy service?

Big data analysts working in Tata consultancy services in India with vast experience can earn up to INR 7,07,981 annually. The average salary of big data analysts at data consultancy services ranges between INR 2,64,000 to INR 10,38,310 per annum. The exact salary range may vary as it is influenced by many factors like location, skill sets, the years of experience, etcetera. When other factors like additional compensation and bonuses are added, big data analysts at Tata consultancy services may expect to earn an average total pay scale of INR 7,07,981 per annum.

What is the role of big data analyst in TCS?

TCS hires big data analysts as the company offers many data and analytics services. A big data analyst helps the company create, manage, and store data for all processes and applications. In addition, these professionals make sure that the company’s data management is compliant with the laws and regulations. Master as well as metadata management services are also included in the job role of a big data analyst. 

Are big data analysts well-paid in TCS?

Tata consultancy service is a subsidiary of the Tata Group, the biggest multinational company in India, employing more than 4,88,000 top-class consultants from more than 42 countries. TCS has been recognized as a top employer globally. It is one of the top eight companies worldwide to get this recognition. The company recruits and maintains the best talent by offering comprehensive long-term job positions based on a digital learning environment accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Tata Consultancy service is a great place to begin your career as a big data analyst, as the career prospect of these professionals looks promising and optimistic. The company offers a friendly work environment favorable to organizational and individual growth. TCS conducts a mass recruitment procedure every year to select deserving candidates for the post of big data analyst. The TCS salary for data analyst freshers in India ranges between INR 2.4 LPA and INR 7.3 LPA. The average salary for fresher data analyst in TCS is INR 4.1 LPA.

Interview process of a big data analyst at TCS

TCS NQT test

The TCS recruitment process for big data analysts requires individuals to give the TCS NQT test, which is one of the most complex parts of the procedure as it is an ability test that analyzes the capabilities and abilities of an individual.

Interview process

The next step is the interview process which includes verbal ability, numerical ability, reasoning ability, and programming components to test the knowledge and skills of candidates in various disciplines. Candidates will be assessed on their knowledge in algorithms, coding, programming structures, data analytics tools, and technologies from a coding practice, etcetera. The next phase is the technical interview round, where data analyst candidates must prepare themselves face-to-face for the most difficult step of the recruitment process. 

Technical interview

Candidates who want to apply for the post of big data analyst at TCS need to showcase their technical knowledge, and critical projects in the technical interview round. The face-to-face technical interview round of TCS comprises many questions meant to examine the understanding of algorithms, data structures, operating systems, database management systems, programming languages, and object-oriented programming ideas of candidates. 

Managerial interview round

The managerial round of the data analyst interview process is held by a panel of senior authority members, including a face-to-face interview. The data analyst manager interview round can be entirely technical or a mix of managerial and technical questions. Most of the interview questions asked of the candidate are specific to the big data analyst job role. Candidates applying for the post of TCS big data analyst should equip themselves with new software and technology that they have to handle while in the job position. Some tools you require to equip your knowledge to apply for the post of a big data analyst at TCS are Google Analytics, GitHub, Hadoop, SQL SAS, R-like programming languages, etcetera. 


TCS is a great place to apply for the post of big data analyst since it has a good reputation for offering best-class services to its customers. The company works closely with big data analysts to organize data and draw meaningful insights. They are also hiring data analysts in increasing numbers and offering them a rewarding salary and other perks and benefits. As a result, there is a significant demand for talented and skilled data analysts to help this firm convert raw data into meaningful information and help corporate success. Apart from a big data analyst position, there are many professional job roles at TCS in data analytics.

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