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Do data scientists work from home

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This question wouldn’t have had any value before 2020; however, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill in 2020, work from home has become the new normal. Though many people have started to go to offices like before, many others still work from home. This is not because of the fear of the virus, but simply because the nature of their job allows them to work from home. If you aspire to become a data scientist, you might wonder if the work-from-home option would work for you.

The short and true answer to this question is yes! That’s right! Data scientists can definitely work from home, because their job involves accessing different networking platforms, and this job is not location-specific. So, now that you heard the good news, keep reading to know more about how you can be a successful data analyst when working from home, and how you can find that job in the first place.

Having the right equipment is of paramount importance

As a data scientist, you will be involved in intense data mining, data extraction, data wrangling and related tasks. Your job requires you to use your math, statistical and computing skills extensively. You need to draw analytical and predictive models from the available data, and develop useful insights from the same, so that you can help the management to take important, data-driven decisions.

So, you will be required to communicate with other departments, your seniors, stakeholders, and other team members regularly as part of your job. You will also get into calls with your clients as and when the need arises, to gather more information about a particular project and its delivery details. So, please note that you can work remotely as a data scientist only if you have the proper equipment like the following:

  • Big-Sized Monitors
  • High-Speed WiFi
  • Video conferencing apps
  • Strong signal in your area
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Exclusive work room and more

You have to invest in these basic essentials to work from home in your data science career, without any hassles or discomfort. 

Some top companies hire data scientists to work from home

Even though data science involves working on large volumes of structured and unstructured data, this profile doesn’t need you to travel to your workplace every day. As a data scientist, all you need is access to distributed network systems, from where you can extract data and perform various analytical operations on them. So, in reality, your location doesn’t really matter in your job.

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If you had always wanted to work remotely as a data scientist, you will be thrilled to know that many companies, right from startups to some of the big names in the industry, recruit such professionals regularly. If you are a freelancer, you will definitely work from home, as you may be hired for a particular project requiring some specialized skill of yours. 

However, even if you are a full-time employee, some companies may allow you to work from home for various reasons. For example, a startup may be too small to accommodate all its employees; therefore, it may require only a certain team to report to the office every day. These profiles include the ones that cannot be done from home (like front office assistants).

Here are some of the top companies in the world that are looking for work-from-home data scientists to join their teams. You may check the eligibility and apply to one of these profiles to give a huge boost to your career. 

  • Amazon –  One of the top Fortune 500 Companies in the world, Amazon is currently on the lookout for senior data scientists.
  • Andela – Focused on making leaders for tomorrow, Andela, one of the reputed IT engineering firms,  is hiring work-from-home specialists for Head of Data & Lead Data Analyst Profiles.
  • Clover Health – One of the prominent healthcare companies in the USA, Clover Health is hiring Data Scientists and Data Integration Engineers to work remotely.
  • Coalition – Known for its small and medium-scale cyber security operations, Coalition is hiring work from home Data Scientists and Senior Data Engineers.
  • Facebook – The leading social media company in the world, Facebook, is heavily into data science. It is hiring data scientists with special product analytics skills for remote locations currently.
  • Lime – This mobility solution service provider is known for electric bikes and electric scooters, and it is currently hiring Senior Data Scientists and Senior Data Analysts who can work remotely.
  • LogicPlum – Thanks to the advancements in AI and Machine Learning concepts, LogicPlum is looking for work-from-home data scientists to join its teams to help its clients gain an edge over their competitors.
  • SalsaMobi – Known for its full-stack mobile development services, SalsaMobi aims to connect the right type of talent, so that its clients can grow. It is currently looking for remote candidates for the Lead Data Science Engineer and Senior Data Science Engineer profiles.
  • Science 37 – This clinical trial and mobile technology service provider is looking for a work-from-home clinical data manager right now.
  • Tiger Analytics – Known for its advanced AI and Analytics tools, this management consulting firm has openings for remote candidates for its Data Scientist & Big Data Consultant profiles.

Are there any challenges data scientists face when they work from home?

Though you can work from home as a data scientist, you might face a few challenges in this process. Every coin has two sides to it, isn’t it? So, it is good to know what challenges to expect when you work from home, so that you take corrective action accordingly.

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Working alone in your home may sometimes lead to motivation issues for you. When your boss is not hovering around you, you may feel a sense of complacency setting in. It is good to be aware of this and keep yourself self-motivated at all times.

Coordinating with different teams, and getting quick updates from others may be slightly challenging when you are not physically present in the office. In the workplace, you can simply walk into the cabin of the person you want updates from, but that’s not possible when you work from home. So, it is a good idea to go to the office once or twice a month to make your presence felt, and improve your self-motivation.

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